Friday, 3 February 2012

Cape Of Bats - Transylvania 7"

Stemming from the infamous Holy Terror label is the debut 7" from Cape Of Bats. My first exposure to the band was on the "No Peace/War" compilation. The track they provided stood out quite well for me, and this record continues in the same black metal infused hardcore style.

This whole record is very centred on vampires, just look at the record title. To start things off the artwork features a picture from near the grave where Arbhartach is said to be buried. Francis appears to be posing as said vampire.
Two versions of this record were pressed; black and yellow. Only a piddly 200 were pressed on yellow, so I opted to purchase this version. I'm glad I did, the colour looks fantastic.
The centre labels keep with the vampire theme, and the sides are aptly named "Side Vermin" and "Side Vampire".
There are no lyrics included this time around. In keeping with the vampire theme, there is a rather hefty load of information about Abhartach. According to an interview on Cvlt Nation, this EP serves as an apology to this vampire.
What was described as a rough test press rip of the EP is available on soundcloud. People need to hear this one.

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