Sunday, 13 May 2012

7.17 HT compilation 7"

Relatively recently the VVegas vvault was opened for a brief period. Many exclusive items were up for sale, but my wallet could only stretch so far. I spotted two items that particularly took my fancy, and was quick to nab them. The second of these will appear soon, but this phenomenal record was the first I chose, and am I ever glad that it was.

This record commemorates an HT event that occurred almost two years ago, the date of which is the record title (although the date is backwards as it's american!). This particular version comes with a silk-screened cover of various characters surrounded  by piles of snakes, with 7.17 just visible in the top right hand corner.  I also noticed there is a small finger print on the right side of the back cover. I actually reckon that's pretty neat, I doubt anybody else has a copy that has this on it.
Once we open the cover we can see what lurks inside. First of all is the great little insert. This seems to be one of those deals where you can't see the picture when it's close to you, but which reveals itself when it is further away. The left hand side is obviously a face, although the right hand side is still a bit obscure. My best guess is a picture of a snake. I was even lucky enough to get this personalised with my name signed on the side.
The inner sleeve has two number stampings this time. On the first side it is stamped 25 and is out of 100 copies. Three versions were made overall, with this version being distributed amongst the members of the bands.
But this is where the second stamp comes in. This particular version was the VVegas band version, and such is actually only out 10, mine being lucky number 6.
You've probably also noticed that obscure writing next to the stamp. This is another great personalisation done for me. I'm probably correct in assuming that hardly anybody else is going to know what that translates to, or even what language this is meant to be. I'll let you have the fun of figuring it out.
The record is pressed on beautiful green vinyl that looks just about perfect. Side A has a camouflage pattern centre label with the track listings on top. Side B has a picture of a Vampire Bat, courtesy of Motley Crue.
Finally, we also have this VVegas sticker. I never really know what to do with stickers, but they are always a welcomed bonus.
Even if the packaging wasn't as superb, this would still be a fantastic record; the four tracks are really great. Each band plays one song, the first being Verklingen by VVegas. This is a cover of the Integrity classic "Fading Away", so you know it's great. The guitar work sounds even more abrasive than the original. Gehenna play the track "I'll Always Say Forever"; a slow instrumental track with a speech from Charles layed on top. Unreal City is a band I'm rather unfamiliar with, but I have found that this is a band containing +Orr. It is not much of a surprise really, the guitar work in "Oath" has that signature Orr sound. Lastly, Integrity play the fantastic +Orrchida, which actually sounds different from the mix in VVorld's Plague Detonate, Dwid's vocals seem to be emphasised more.

Once again, Ezekiel over at RWHAF has also written an excellent post on this record, be sure to head over there and show him some love.

I also realised there was no good picture of the artwork for iTunes use out there. If you are like me, having really crappy resolution album artwork just won't do, so here is a nice high resolution scan for you.


  1. Brilliant! I got the black pressing / red sleeve of this. No crazy Vegas extras though. I'm not sure I've seen that pink insert anywhere else, is that exclusive to you maybe? All of that personalized stuff is sick. And is that Māori?!

    1. I've no idea if the pink insert is exclusive to me, I'd be pretty stoked if it was. Haha yeah that is Māori, I'm surprised you got that to be honest

  2. Very cool post. In regards to that insert, I have the same thing as my cover for the 7.17 test press except it's on red paper and has customizations from +Orr. I love VVegas and all the extras T throws in. I picked up some rarities from him a while back and everything was personalised and really quite unique.

    And how good is that Gehenna track? Fucking love that one.

    1. Thanks Evan, glad you liked it. Yeah that Gehenna track is great.
      Great VVegas/Abraxis post by the way. I've got me a copy of that coming my way, I can't wait to get it to see just how great the package turned out

  3. Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.

    Going back to VVegas a moment, I love their covers. The Integrity cover was dead-on except had enough of their own influence and sound to create something memorable and overall well-done. Same with the G.I.S.M. one on No Peace/VVar.

    1. Yeah this is very true. It's great how they manage to capture the essence of the original song so well, while remaining to put such a VVegas spin on things.