Friday, 11 May 2012

Integrity - Palm Sunday 12"

It turns out I didn't win that vinylnoize competition. It's okay though, I'd still like to thank the guys for putting on such a great event. I may not see one of those particular RSD releases, but let’s back go to RSD for a little bit.
This little beaut was released by Organized Crime Records as a Record Store Day limited release. Only 3 US stores were privileged enough to receive any copies of this version, and a handful of other places around the globe were set to receive the international version. Of course I wanted one of these, but I figured it was probably not gonna happen unless I wanted to pay those ridiculous Ebay prices. Luckily for me Clint is such a nice guy, and I was able to order one of the few copies he had leftover! He could have easily charged the earth for one of these, but that aint his style.

So yeah, this is a re-release of Integrity's live bootleg LP "Palm Sunday" from 2005, a recording of a show back from '92 (I believe). It sounds like it would have been a great show (like any Integrity show really), but I especially like Dwid's banter between songs. I do wonder if Cleveland really is "as fucking violent" as he says it is. 

The cover continues the biblical theme from the original LP and ties in well with the album title. We have a rendition of the last supper, of course featuring Charles, as well as some other familiar faces such as Anton Lavey. Clint was also actually kind enough to send me two copies of the album cover, one to keep the contents inside as to maintain one cover inside shrink wrap (or at least so I assume).
Two versions were pressed this time around; a white version limited to 250, and a grey version limited to 325. The white copy was for sale in the lucky US stores, while the grey was dubbed the international version. Both were available to buy, but I went with the white as it was the most limited. It also fits the artwork a little better I think. I know a lot of 7"s come in all sorts of colour variations, but I always love it when 12"s are done in colour. The sheer size makes the colour look so much better.
Inside the cover we have a few goodies, the first being this poster.
Of course this is a poster of the artwork, but with the Integrity logo over the top. It'll never see a wall, but it's a good bonus to have. This photo indicates the size a bit better. I was gonna move my cat, but he wouldn't budge. Besides, he fits the album colour scheme rather well don't you think?
Next up we have this other smaller insert. The front is an early photo of an Integrity show with the usual caustic effects overlayed. On the reverse of this we some information about the line-up at the time of the show, as well as some information about the show itself. Incidentally, this era of shows had David Araca on drums, which as you know by now is no longer with us. I especially like the section about the "friends from the college town" who cut the mice cord during the show. Who wouldn't be scared by an entire Integrity audience advancing on them?

Lastly is this rather small card. Although this isn't related to the release much, it is possibly the best extra included in the package and was completely to my surprise.
Yep that's right, OCR is going to be re-releasing more classic Integrity releases. Best of all it looks as if we will be seeing one very soon! If this (as well as TWFT) is something to go by, these'll no doubt be fantastic.

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