Sunday, 29 June 2014

Children of God - The Sun Gives Way to False Truths - 10"

Not far off two years ago, I was approached by a member of Children of God about reviewing a new song they had recently released. At the time, it was taking quite a different direction to the rest of the tracks the band had out and it really grabbed my attention. I think the plan was always to release this physically eventually, and it has finally surfaced on a pretty great 10" record.
Vendetta records handled the release, and actually "borrowed" the original review that I wrote. From what I could find, the only way to order through them directly was via the bisaufsmesser webstore, which wasn't able to ship to me. Not long after, the band had it's own copies for sale  which I nabbed very quickly. Two copies are in existence, a black and a white. According to discogs, the white was pressed in 100 copies, and the black in 400. In this case, I went with my gut and picked which of the two I thought more impressive.
The packaging is quite minimal, yet very effective. The record in housed inside a grey cardboard sleeve that opens outwards from the middle. On the back are the track lyrics, and behind where the record sits is a quote from Freidrich Nietzsche. What really amps it up though it the screenprint on the back of the record. The winged picture released as the artwork with the digital single is printed in gold, which looks fantastic against the black vinyl.
If you still haven't gotten around to listening to this, here is the track streaming for free.

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