Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Children of God - The Sun Gives Way To False Truths

I've been a fan of Children of God ever since I first heard "You Will Suffer" on the MMXI A389 sampler. Their ferocious blend of power-violence infused hardcore seemed to really stand out to me, and the band has only gotten better since then. So when I got an email from the band asking me to review their latest song, I was more than happy to oblige, even before I'd really heard the song. I was even more willing once I'd actually listened to the song, I'd say it's probably their best yet! 
"The Sun Gives Way To False Truths" starts out somewhat different to what you'd expect from this band. Instead of jumping straight into blasting beats and screaming vocals full of despair, the track begins very quietly and slowly. I've only experienced this side of the band once before on the awesome split with Seven Sisters of Sleep (Bled Dry). For the first minute or so you are only greeted by an ominous tone that slowly works its way into the higher decibel range, which eventually is replaced by a painfully slow down-tuned riff. All the while you can just feel the tension rising, rising towards something outstanding. There is a slight pause and then it hits you; a heavy drumbeat that seems to rip the very fabric holding the song together wide open. From here on in it's all go, or so it would seem....
Much to my surprise, things are slowed down once more. This time bringing the sound to resemble an eerie dark noise track not unlike rVeVV. I assumed this would continue to the end and eventually fade away, but I was again taken by surprise. It does fade away, but only to bring the crushing drums back again one more time...

Although this is still very much a COG track something seems different. it sounds more refined and mature. Instead of focusing on the blistering speed seen in their previous work, the band has taken the time to develop a really solid heavy atmosphere, and it's just great. At just under 10 minutes, "The Sun Gives Way to False Truths" is the longest track by COG, one that takes you on a trip showing the true musical skills of this band. I've said it before, but I am always impressed when a band is able draw influences from several places and merge them into such a cohesive piece of work. In my opinion this is the best work they have done to date. The track is just below so give it a listen, you know you wanna.

I've also included the link in the new media page. I've included lots of other free music too, check it out if you've been interested in anything I've had to say.

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