Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rot In Hell - Studies in Emerald CD

When I posted about RIHs first proper LP, As Pearls before Swine, I mentioned a similar post by Marcus. In that post he mentioned a certain CD he got with this record, something I hadn't received. I couldn't really find much more information about it on in the internet, but wanted it badly. Well, after some lucky discogs searching I came across a seller selling this rare CD-EP. After only a few days since I purchased it, it came from all the way across the globe and was sitting in my mailbox just waiting to be opened. 
This CD only contains four songs, and are a completely different style to most of the RIH material out there. I say most because there is a particular 7" split that is exactly this style. That's the split with Horders, and if you have keen eyes you can see the second track is actually featured on that split. Even more, the third track also appears on the awesome split with Integrity. While I already knew of two of these tracks, the other two are brand new and completely blew me away. Especially "Sixteen", it sounds more like a deranged Johnny Cash track than something from RIH, but it's fantastic (and funnily enough that's exactly what it is). I've listened to it so many times already. As my commenter has said below, "Come Back" is a re-interpretation of a Misfits track, I really had no idea! Of course Rot in Hell's hardcore persona is amazing, but I've a real soft spot for this acoustic side of the band. It really shows the level of creativity these guys have.
It seems this CD was released alongside the US release version of As Pearls before Swine. It makes sense, both are limited to 50 copies. Seeing as I've got mine separately, both have different numbers, but I wouldn't mind betting the numbers would have coincided originally. Anyway, mine is number 36/50.
I wasn't sure what the artwork was initially, but I've been informed it is a picture of the Wicker Man. It certainly looks haunting. The actual CD has been nicely decorated as well; the RIH logo has been sprayed on the top.
I also got a set of four neat RIH badges along with the CD. It's really good of sellers to keep these and sell them with the music, it makes special releases like this all the more special.
I'm still desperately waiting for new RIH material to be released. Hopefully it won't take too long now. 

And for those 50 people who have a copy of the CD (or those who have "obtained" the songs somehow...) here is a scan of the artwork to keep your iTunes nice and tidy.


  1. New acoustic RIH material coming out soon on a split release with **********.
    The cover art is from The Wicker Man. Sixteen is a cover of the Danzig / Cash song 13 and Come Back is a Misfits cover/reinterpretation.
    Thanks for the support.

    1. Thanks for the comment, thats fantastic that new acoustic RIH will be released soon. I didn't even pick that Come Back was a Misfits cover!