Sunday, 2 September 2012

Seven Sisters of Sleep - S/T 7"/CD

I know I tend to say something like this a lot, but I have definitely been meaning to post about this record for some time now. So why haven't I? Well, I'm rather strapped for time these days and providing decent photos seems to take a fair amount of time sometimes. For whatever reason, this proved particularly challenging for this record. No matter what I tried, the photos seemed to come out over-exposed. Although, I'm not exactly a camera-wizz so perhaps I'm not doing all that I can to good good quality photos.
Anyway, here we have the latest release from the almighty Seven Sisters of Sleep. This is incredibly selfish of me, but these guys just don't put out enough material. If I had my way there'd already be a plethora of tracks out there to listen to. The A389 sampler's opening track provided a taste of things to come from this record, and needless to say I was very excited for when it was released.
This is quite a special package. Not only is there a 7" with three whole new tracks, but also a CD containing the new tracks, the songs from the split with Children of God and four new videos. Three of these are music videos for the split, and the fourth video is a remix of "The Devil's Rain". For those who've never heard of this film before, it was a horror movie from 1975. Obviously the whole movie isn't included, but there's a good 20 minutes of video to watch. The three new awesome songs are played in certain parts as well, so it's definitely interesting to watch.
Opposite the CD we have the lyrics to the three tracks. They are pretty short, but don't let that fool you. They still certainly pack a mighty punch.
I was very keen to hand my hands on this EP, so pretty much ordered it the day it was released. Luckily that meant I was able to get my hands on the red version, which I think is limited to 200 copies (That sounds right anyway). The photos really haven't turned out as I'd hoped, this really doesn't do justice to the true record. In reality it is a much deeper red, whereas it appears more pink just below. What has come out fine though is that awesome patch. Getting things like this is really one of the best parts of releases by A389.
Squeezed inside the gatefold cover is this massive poster of the artwork. While I love this poster, it was one of the main reasons preventing me from writing this post. I finally decided to settle on these ones below, they aren't great but they'll do. On the bottom I've included the record for size comparison.
So there we have it, the latest effort from SSOS. It's certainly a fantastic 7", and copies are still just about available for you to buy yourself. I have a feeling they may be putting out something soon on Vedavu records, so you know straight away how awesome that is going to be. Keep your eyes peeled

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