Thursday, 27 September 2012

Integrity / Mayday split 7" 2.0

A short while ago, I wrote a post about this split. Well, not this one but a later repress from Game Two records. This is the original press from Endgame records from 1992. For whatever reason, I was browsing Discogs and came across a copy of the 1st version rather cheap. It wasn't exactly essential that I got another version of this record, but the price was so good I felt it would almost be wrong not to get it. 
Like I mentioned before, I still think the artwork is better on the repress, to be honest I don't know what the Integrity side is meant to be. It is nice to see that Mayday original got some artwork of their own though. There's is definitely the interesting one of the two.
Instead of white, this version is on black vinyl this time around. The centre labels are also exactly the same as the later model.
Interestingly, both versions share another aspect in common. The later version was dedicated to the memory of the then recently deceased David Araca. Likewise, this version was dedicated to the memory of the artist Francis Bacon, who was responsible for the artwork seen on Those Who Fear Tomorrow, as well as that on the Rot in Hell demo EP.
The reverse of the insert belongs to Mayday, who seem to also be showcasing the work of "bacon". Perhaps they too found a link between the artist's last name and choice of subject in the paintings.
So there we have it, another classic Integrity record to add to the collection. It's not really adding anything new to what I've already got, but it's still cool to pick up another variant. It's a pretty great split anyway.


  1. the integrity artwork was from a work by h.r. giger entitled "penis landscape". that same piece of art was also used as insert for a dead kennedy's record in the mid 80's that wound putting jello biafra in a major legal quagmire for supposedly distributing pornography.

    the mayday artwork was not done by francis bacon. that was a photo of a dead pig, that's all.

    1. So it is, I have that DK record and never made the connection.
      Perhaps I should have put quotes or something around bacon, I was making a joke as it was a picture of a pig.