Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Pharoah - This House Is Doomed 7"

I first heard of Pharaoh when I initially discovered A389. I've mentioned this before, but they had one of their fantastic deals going at the time where you could buy all of their music (in digital form) for some ridiculously cheap price. One of the EPs included in the deal was the self titled Pharaoh 7" which was just great. That was so just so distinct and heavy so stood out among the rest. And I've just realised I don't have a physical copy of that EP, I guess that's going on my next order (which hopefully will have the new 'Nothing' LP!). Anyway, that was released a whole 2 years ago and Pharaoh hasn't released anything since then. Well, until now that is.....
Pharaoh are back with their latest EP, entitled "This House is Doomed", and it seems as if no time has passed since their self titled release. The two tracks pick up right where "I Murderer, I" left off and sound just as perfect as you'd expect.
The artwork is really well done again, I think it's always an impressive look when it stretches to both sides of the cover. Flipped over we have the lyrics to both monumental songs. I only just realised that the picture on the inside contains 'Pharaoh' in amongst its limbs.
I was pretty keen to get a hold of this record, so I kept an eye out and pre-ordered a copy as soon as I could. Two colour variants were available at the time; black and clear. Naturally I picked up a copy of the clear version, which is limited to 200 copies (or so I think). As seems to be the norm with clear records, there is a hint of black left over from the black press.
This is also one of the first few releases that bare the new A389 branding, it's definitely a step up in my opinion.
Copies are still available for you to buy, and if you want a taste (well, more than a taste) of what the EP is like, it is streaming in its entirety down below. Oh, and if you search the A389 site and only find copies of the first EP, don't worry this hasn't sold out yet. Try searching 'Pharoah' instead.....

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