Saturday, 8 September 2012

Anne - Power Exchange 7

Back when I first started this blog I wrote a peculiar little band named Anne. They initially caught my interest on the 2011 A389 sampler last year. Far from the usual metallic hardcore released by the label, Anne played  a distinctive style of shoegaze. Well here I am 8 months later, talking about the band's latest release, "Power Exchange".
Apparently the man on the front cover is called Fishnets, from a band called Heavy Voodoo. There is also a different version of the artwork out there on the ultra limited silk-screened press of just 50! I wish I could've gotten one of those.
Inside the cover we got a nice wee lyrics sheet, and of course the lyrics are awesome. The guys in Anne are really talented.
I was pretty keen to order a copy of this once I heard it was going to be released. Quite often I would re-check the Run For Cover website for information about the release date so I could get the best variant. When it finally went on sale, I saw there was a version on clear with a silk-screened cover, limited to just 50 copies. These must have sold ridiculously fast because I wasn't able to order one anymore! I then opted for the regular clear version you see below. This is still only out of 150 copies anyway. Alongside these versions there is also 300 on white, 500 on black and 50 black with blank labels released at their record release show. Like another clear record I received recently, this has a hint of black smeared in there. It looks like a finger print, but apparently is just run-off from the black pressing.
The EP consists of two new tracks; "Power Exchange" and "Rings". Right now, Power exchange is probably just about my favorite song, I don't know how many times I've listened to it anymore. Both of these songs show a bit of a change from the previous work, it is clear the band is progressing from "Dream Punx". Sometimes progression is not a good thing, but in this case it most certainly is.
I also found this neat label sticker inside the packaging.
Well that's the end of another great EP. I can only hope that Anne continue to release more great music. Perhaps their mixtape II will emerge sometime soon...

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