Monday, 14 January 2013

Whirr - Distressor 12"

I've been hitting the shoegaze a bit lately, but it's a genre that has really come to grow on me over the last little while. After hearing the Whirr/Anne split (which I hope will arrive eventually!) I became interested in Whirr. Their bandcamp page provided me with enough cool songs to convince me to buy their latest record, Distressor.
Mine copy belongs to the second press which has somehow picked up new artwork. The first was a shot of a naked lady standing away from the camera, whereas now we have a picture of a dog in front of some audio equipment. I'm not sure which is best really.
This is probably the most visually impressive record that I own, and is definitely the only tri-colour. I don't think the photo quite does it justice, but it is flourescent pink, orange and yellow that looks awesome when it is spinning. The record also came with a nice black inner sleeve with a plastic sleeve inside that. Perhaps the label is a fan of sleeve-ception?
A lyrics sheet insert was also added inside the cover, but on the front are eyes, so many eyes!
This is also probably the record with the most extras I've ever received. Inside the package were some things not out of the ordinary; an advertisement for the label, a concert and a whirr poster. The other things however were a bit more obscure. First was a ripped out page from a book, which I am yet to find out where it belongs. Next was a Wonka's Pixie Stix thing, which I've never come across before. Below that are two small puzzle pieces from an unknown puzzle. Lastly is what appears to be a page pulled from a magazine, advertising Tiki mugs. I think this one may have been a rather clever reference to my worldly location.
The record is really quite good, but I'm not sure what to make of all the stuff that came along with it. It's a bit obscure, but it's also kinda cool. I wonder if I'll ever eat that Wonka thing, perhaps the curiosity will get the better of me one day.

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