Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nothing - Downward Years To Come 12"

Along with Intoxications (and Coup de Grace which is yet to come), this is the latest of my new records from A389. Much like Anne, Nothing sees the label delve into wider music genres. Instead of the traditional metallic hardcore associated with A389, this is definitely more on the shoegaze side of the musical spectrum. Earlier last year was my first exposure to the band, with the magnificent 2012 sampler. Being so different from the other 50 odd tracks really made it stand out and I couldn't wait to hear more. Luckily it didn't take too long for this LP to be released. 
The artwork is quite simple, yet is very effective and certainly suits the title of the record. It is also somewhat mesmerising to look at, almost like an optical illusion. I'd also like to know what happens at the bottom of the staircase, it appears to just drift off into darkness.
As I was able to pre-order the record I managed to acquire a copy of the limited white version. I think this would have looked very impressive being pure white, but it seems a bit of black has seeped into this from the black pressing. This gives a somewhat dirty look to the record which I don't like. Sometimes this doesn't look so bad, but I think this would have looked so much better if it had been nice and clean.
A nice and simple insert was inside the cover as well. This has got the lyrics on the back and a cross on the front.
While I don't enjoy this as much as Anne, it is still a really great record. It is just about perfect to chill out from a hard day, especially the fourth track 'If Only'. Have a listen for yourself, there is no doubt you will feel calmer after a bit of a listen.

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