Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bad Brains - Into The Future 12"

The Bad Brains, everyone's favourite rasta punks  I'm sure nobody would disagree with the massive impact this band has had on music over the last thirty years. Granted some of their stuff in the 90's was really quite lackluster, but the music from their early years still surpasses 99% of the music out there today. In the late 2000's they came back with "Build a Nation" and late last year continued in a similar path with this, "Into the Future". It may not be in the same league as their self titled album, but it's still great to see the Bad Brains putting out some quality stuff after over 30 years since their beginnings.
This album has been released as a 12" LP in a glorious gatefold cover. The artwork obviously features the lion of judah, with the classic lightning bolt striking just behind him. The whole thing incorporates the three classic rasta colours and just looks really great, it may be my favourite Bad Brains artwork to date. The back has a cool photo of the band and the track listings. 

The version of the record I've got is clear with splatter, which has been done really well. Again red, green and yellow have been used for obvious reasons. I'm sure this was some kind of limited version, but I just can't seem to remember how many it was limited to.
Inside the cover are more photos of the band and information about the recording and such. On the left is the same photo as on the back, which seems a bit pointless to me, but at least the right hand side has something new.
As a nice little extra I also received a badge featuring the classic album artwork and a sticker with "Build a Nation"s artwork. When ordering I thought I may as well pick up a Bad Brains T-shirt while I'm at it. I mean how can you really go on not having one of these shirts?

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