Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ilsa - Intoxications 12"

I'm back from holidays now and what better way to start the new year off than with a record I really should have made the effort to post about in 2012; Ilsa's Intoxications. My first glimpse of this band was on the magnificent A389 2012 sampler. The track Deadbeat's Ballad really caught my eye (or ear?) and when I heard the whole album was going to be released I was very keen to order as quickly as I could. The rest of the album is awesome, with my favourite track being "The Scream". It's like several tracks all squeezed into one with the lyrics painting a very dark portrait.
The artwork on the record is amazing as well, I think it's truly one of my favourites I've seen. Each time I look at it I notice a few extra details, and the vertical gatefold has been utilized well to extend the artwork.
I've tried to think of the best way to describe the band, but have come to the conclusion that it is not worth it. There are lots of influences and styles sitting in there and it's best you just listen and decide for yourself. Luckily the entire album is streaming online for free so you can do just that. If you can make out the picture below you'll even have the lyrics to all the songs.
Being as keen as I was (and usually are) I was able to pick up the limited colour version of the record, This is a stunning transparent red that goes well with the blood on the inside of the cover. The inner label has been ever so slightly modified for this release, with a thin line of blood leaking out the side of the mouth.

 I can't seem to remember how many copies this was limited to. I'll say it's 200, it is usually something close to that. Either way these are all sold out now, but there is still the regular black vinyl to satisfy those of you who need a copy stat.
To top it off a great and quite large poster was also included inside the sleeve. I'd like to put things like this up on the wall, but the other side of me still wants to keep it with the record to remain in good condition. It's still cool to get something like this though.

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