Saturday, 22 December 2012

One Year!

It seems rather strange, but I've been running this website for a whole year now! In some ways it seems like that time has gone by incredibly fast, but in others it feels like it was much longer than a year ago I wrote my first post. I'd firstly like to thank everyone who has read anything I've had to say, it's great I at least interest some people out there. I'd also like to thank those of you who've taken the time to comment on something. But mostly I'd like to thank the artists who have released all this great music I've picked up over this last 12 months. Hopefully I've helped at least some of you spread the word about the great work you've been doing.

As it is what everyone else seems to do at this time of year, I guess it is appropriate to do a sort of 'Top List' or something like that. There has been a lot of stuff I've really enjoyed so it may be hard to whittle it down to a reasonable list. But here it is, my favourite things I've acquired (and been able to post about) this year.

Best Cassette Tape
Compared to records I haven't got as many tapes this year, but I'd have to say my favourite was this demo by Unholy Majesty. It is purely devastating and is instantly similar to the likes of Rot in Hell. I was really quite lucky to get one of the last cassette copies as well.

Best 7" EP
This (and the next) is by far the biggest section to choose from, I'm pretty sure I've gotten more 7" than anything else. As such I think it is fair I choose a couple of records to sit as 1st equal, starting with Sins of Malice. This is Rot in Hell's debut EP containing 3 ripping tracks, the packaging is nothing short of excellent either.
Second in 1st equal would have to be Oede's One Man's Trash. This is also the debut EP by Oede, released by Holy Terror records earlier this year. That small label just about can't put a foot wrong can it? This was a very interesting EP, which can only be described as being black metal blues. Being play on a cigar box guitar only makes this even better.
The last 7" I'll mention is the self titled 7" by Grace. This was a complete surprise to me as it came as a freebie along with a Pale Creation / Abraxis split. You never know what things will be like when you have no idea about them, but I was really pleased with what I heard as soon as the needle dropped. Perhaps this is my real favourite of the year, so we'll say this gets 1st and the others get 1.5th equal.

Best split 7"
Again this is quite a hard category as there has been so many great splits added to my collection over the last 12 months, but I think my personal favourite would be the Abraxis / VVegas split. Both bands offer brilliant tracks and the VVegas side artwork just looks amazing. My copy was also part of the limited GOTU press, which makes it extra special.

Best CD
This is probably the smallest category to choose from, so is pretty easy to choose. My clear favourite was Studies in Emerald by Rot in Hell. Usually this band plays amazing metallic hardcore, but every so often they show their alternate persona; playing haunting acoustic songs. This CD is ridiculously limited and contains four amazing acoustic tracks, including covers of Johnny Cash and the Misfits. 

Best 12" LP
Now we come to what is probably the most important, the best LP. I think has to be "Every Tongue Shall Caress" by The Love Below. Hardcore can sometimes become a bit stale, but these guys have really produced something different and interesting with this album. Plus they have the most disturbing artwork which gives them a few extra points. I really look forward to hearing more from them in the coming future.

So there we are, my favourite music I've got this year. This'll most likely be my last post for the year as things will be quite busy for me over the next wee while. See you in 2013!


  1. Congratulations! I like your focus on collecting...

  2. Well done on your first year mate. Also thanks for the link to my blog, I've returned the favour.

  3. pretty cool site. You forgot to mention Pale Creation/Hessian split and the Pale Creation "Twilight Haunt" lp

    1. oh yes of course, how foolish of me to forget

  4. You also forgot Black Marsh as best new band.

    1. If i'd done that category Thee Black Marsh would definitely have been there

  5. We are all awaiting for your world wide website to award Nick Fiction with the lifetime achievement award for best artisté