Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Limb - Demo CD

I was first introduced to Limb via a great review from Gavin at Tight To The Nail. He raved about the demo and was kind enough to embed the songs at the bottom. From what he said I was pretty keen to hear this so I played it as soon as I could. It was really one of those rare times when you hear something and you instantly love it.
I'm not very good at the the whole genre business, but I guess Limb would best be described as stoner metal maybe? Whatever you want to call it, it is three tracks of pure London greatness that pretty much has everything. Catchy yet heavy riffs, great bass work and ridiculously powerful vocals all bringing to mind the 70s. What more could you ask for really? I'll embed it below so you can see for yourself.
This was originally recorded and released in January of this year, but has since been picked up and re-released by Witch Hunter Records. This is limited to 100 CDs.

The packaging for this is relatively basic, but what can you really do with a CD? I do like the skull artwork and heptagram pattern on the CD though.
Although inside the sleeve was some extra goodies. First is a sheet giving a little bit of detail about the tracks. There are also three great Limb stickers that came along. I'm pretty sure the first few copies came with a Limb patch as well, but sadly by the time I got round to buying they had already sold out.
One of the greatest aspects of small independent record labels are the personal touches you get when buying from them. Best of which is when they actually thank you for purchasing one of their items. If you do happen to read this, Chris I am very happy to give my support. I suppose the CD couldn't really have traveled much further could it?
Just as I was about to recycle the cardboard inside the postal package I noticed one more small 'extra'. Somehow I don't think this quite applies to what I bought....
I've also just found they have made an awesome video for 'Daemoness", enjoy!


  1. Unfortunately not all independent labels look at being featured on a internet site so positively. But anyway, who cares what their narrow mind tells them. If I want to post about something I post about it. Nothing more and nothing less. They should all be grateful... yes indeed.

    1. Luckily this label was quite positive about this