Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Integrity - Seasons in The Size of Days 12"

I'd say I definitely have more Integrity records than any other band. While still nowhere close to some collections, my set is definitely growing towards having at least one copy of each Integrity release. That is where I'd like to be at for the meanwhile, maybe then I can expand on lots of different versions or something.

Bringing me one step closer to a set of LP releases is this masterpiece of an album; Seasons in the Size of Days. Released all the way back in 1997, this was the last great album released by the band before their shaky period in the early 21st century. This definitely has a stronger metal vibe than the previous albums released at this point, but was truly a great album. It could be released today and it would still have the same impact on me. "Heaven Inside Your Hell" still sends chills up my spinal cord and tingles my brain. "Burning Flesh Children to Mist" is a particularly interesting track as everyone who features on it is already dead!
 I'm unsure of the pressing information this time around. As far as I can see, 518 copies were pressed on grey vinyl. These usually sell for quite high prices, so I was only able to grab myself a copy of the black version. Perhaps this was a later repress or something?
My copy is in pretty good condition, and luckily still had the original insert inside, which I'm pretty sure features some Stephan Kasner artwork. On the back is the band's line-up at the time. Dwid looks positively possessed in this one.
And of course being an Integrity release, it's completely free to dovvnload! You still don't get the same experience have something tangible though do you?


  1. I love this record. Rise is a hell of an opening track and one of the band's best songs in my opinion.

    1. It is a truly great record. Rise really wastes no time getting straight into it, it's great