Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Pissdrinker 7"

I thought about doing a complete Integrity month this month, and with one of my latest arrivals it would have possible. So far it pretty much has been (even Vermapyre is still pretty related), but here is something a bit different but equally as exciting - a new 7" from Seven Sisters of Sleep. This one has been on the cards for a while now, and it is great to see it has finally seen the light of day.
This release has been handled by Vedavu records, so those in the know will understand how awesome ordering something from them is. They always do a superb job with packaging, and this time is no exception. Each record comes in it's own letter pressed 'origato' pack complete with it's own large OBI strip. The photo makes it a little hard to see, but you can just make out the insane level of detail that is going on with thr front cover.
This black outer case unfolds at the back to reveal a white inner cover with some more insanely detailed artwork.
It then turns out this inner cover is a double lyric sheet for the title track. Well at least from what I am able to make out anyway, the font has been incredibly stretched as on the OBI so it is hard to make out. Perhaps I can try altering the image to make it a bit more readable.
The 7" contains two new tracks, 'Ssoommaa' and "Pissdrinker". The first is something very different for SSOS, a slow distorted spoken word track featuring the words of Soma Shaman Hawk discussing Amanita muscaria mushrooms. As if mimicking the psychoactive effects of the mushrooms, the track leaves you feeling a bit disoriented. That then leads straight into the blistering assault of "Pissdrinker", a track with a sound much more common to the SSOS tool-belt. This was recorded along with the tracks from the split with Children of God, although at times has much more strained vocals and sounds slightly different to the tracks of that era.

Unlike most 7"s, this one is only one-sided and is parallel grooved, meaning each track runs in a parallel spiral to one another. It's a neat trick, but does mean it is a guessing game when it comes to play a track.

Overall 100 copies of this were pressed, which are now all sold out. On the front of the sleeve is a stamp noting this is the first edition, perhaps there will be more to come eventually?
Along with all this were a few of the standard Vedavu cards and some other LUXURY items. It is a great package, thanks once again Vedavu.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Oede / Vermapyre split 7"

Two of the more obscure bands in my radar are Oede and Vermapyre, but since their respective first releases (One Man's Trash and the split with Parasite) they have both been able to maintain my interest. Now they have gotten together and released a new split 7", the first released on the relatively young Negromancy (or Devilment) label. 
First off, I must comment on the Oede artwork. It is a little bizarre, but I think it is pretty top notch and is able to sum up the tracks pretty well. Oede brings two new tracks to the table with "Gots Them Pales" and "March of the Negromancer". The first is my favourite of the split, with a cool laid-back blues style distorted guitar. Their is even a hint of harmonica as the song progresses, which sounds awesome. The second track takes an incredibly more noisy approach, with some of the most distorted vocals I think I have ever heard.
Vermapyre is a band that I fell have changed a lot in the short time since their first split with Parasite. The project was still very black metal/noise orientated, but they still had "Return of the Sorcerer", which had more of a hardcore feel. That has been completely stripped away now, and replaced with an even more darker and obscure sound of twisted vocals and ominous riffs. The second track "Cercueil  de la Mort" (which I believe roughly translates into "Coffin of Death") sounds like it has come straight out of some hideous nightmare, which is of course exactly the point.
For a first vinyl release, Negromancy have done a pretty decent job with the packaging. I already mentioned the artwork on the outer sleeve above, inside of which has one extra piece of artwork from each band. What really stands out though is the vinyl itself. In total there are about 6 different versions, a black, red, green, purple, starburst and a test press. I'm not sure exactly how many test presses were produced in total, but each of those came with hand drawn artwork. Every other version is pressed in a quantity of 50, except for the starburst version. This is what I was lucky enough to grab, which is limited to just 12 copies. It looks FANtastic too.
The Oede side even has some googly eyes glued onto the centre label.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Integrity - Grace of the Unholy Tape

Organized Crime Records have done a truly great job with re-releasing Integrity records. A lot of the early releases have seen a new version in the last few years, and the latest in the set in the Grace of the Unholy cassette.This was originally released all the way back in 1990 by Progression records, making it one of the earliest Integrity recordings there are. Every so often an original copy of the tape pops up on Ebay, but they always tend to sore way out of my price range. This re-issue was put together as a special item for the recent A389 anniversary bash, but due to high demand, wound it's way onto online sales.
OCR have stayed very true to the original packaging, or at least what I have managed to see of it. The only real difference I can see is down there on the back-side. The cassette itself has been jazzed up a bit, this time being released on clear red rather than the black of 1990. The two Progression record logos have also been replaced with Integrity skulls.
The cassette features two now classic Integrity recordings; March of the Damned and Darkness. Even though it is coming close to 25 years since these were released, they are incredible tracks. Dwid's voice is really quite different to how it is today, and the recordings may not be as crisp as they are on "Those Who Fear Tomorrow", but they are still awesome recordings. I'm sure they could still be released brand new today and would ruffle a few feathers.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Integrity - Black Heksen Rise 7"

Black Heksen rises again!
Back in 2011 Integrity released an incredibly anticipated split 7" with Rot in Hell. There were a few delays in the production of the final product, but when it was finally released and sent out to the eager pre-orderers it did not disappoint. In fact, the Integrity tracks were so epic that they have been made into their own release, Black Heksen Rise.

This release features two of the tracks from the original split, "VVaiting For the Sun to Burn Out my Eyes" and "Black Heksen Rise" which even after almost three years still sends chills down my spine.
Norway label, Indie Recordings, were the first to release this 7", and in rather limited quantities. From memory only 500 copies were pressed in total, consisting of grey, black and white variants. At the time of the initial release I didn't quite have the funds to pick this one up, and when I did they had already sold out. I did want to get a copy of it, and was able to through Ebay. Little did I know that A389 would be re-releasing it only a matter of weeks later for less than what I paid for....
The sleeve features a four page insert with a sample of the artwork from the original split.
As usual Dwid has designed the layout himself, which features artwork from the original booklet on the front and back. Two invisible inked creatures are also lurking behind the artwork.
Since the split with RIH, monster worship has also conjured a Black Heksen toy, which looks truly vicious. They currently have a clear red version with a matching copy of the record, which I may just have to get... 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Beast as God - S/T Tape

One of the benefits of having this blog is being sent new music to listen by readers. Sometimes I receive stuff that I'm not that into, but then there are times when the band becomes my new favourite band. This is exactly what happened with Beast as God. I had heard a few things about the band around the internet, but foolishly never took the time to give them a listen. When I got an email from the band I decided to make the time, and I'm very glad I did. 
Beast as God are a relatively new metallic hardcore band out of Nottingham in the UK, and a band who have managed to release a killer first tape. It contains four songs, totalling just over 13 minutes, that are the perfect blend of super fast hardcore, riffs that stay in your head for days and vocals that sound just like the end of the world. 
 A small label called Viral Age put out this release somewhere back in November, and have also managed to do a pretty nice job with the packaging. Each tape is metallic red, and comes with the awesome artwork you see above. Inside their is also a lyrics sheet with a picture of two cyclopic wolfs. The tape is limited to just 100 copies, although on their FB page I can see a special limited edition of 13 with a cover paying homage to GISM.

The photo quality isn't the best there I'm afraid, my camera decided to start playing up so I've had to resort to my phone camera.
Overall it is a great EP. I think this is really going one of the bands to watch over the coming time. For now, wet your whistle with this.