Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Pissdrinker 7"

I thought about doing a complete Integrity month this month, and with one of my latest arrivals it would have possible. So far it pretty much has been (even Vermapyre is still pretty related), but here is something a bit different but equally as exciting - a new 7" from Seven Sisters of Sleep. This one has been on the cards for a while now, and it is great to see it has finally seen the light of day.
This release has been handled by Vedavu records, so those in the know will understand how awesome ordering something from them is. They always do a superb job with packaging, and this time is no exception. Each record comes in it's own letter pressed 'origato' pack complete with it's own large OBI strip. The photo makes it a little hard to see, but you can just make out the insane level of detail that is going on with thr front cover.
This black outer case unfolds at the back to reveal a white inner cover with some more insanely detailed artwork.
It then turns out this inner cover is a double lyric sheet for the title track. Well at least from what I am able to make out anyway, the font has been incredibly stretched as on the OBI so it is hard to make out. Perhaps I can try altering the image to make it a bit more readable.
The 7" contains two new tracks, 'Ssoommaa' and "Pissdrinker". The first is something very different for SSOS, a slow distorted spoken word track featuring the words of Soma Shaman Hawk discussing Amanita muscaria mushrooms. As if mimicking the psychoactive effects of the mushrooms, the track leaves you feeling a bit disoriented. That then leads straight into the blistering assault of "Pissdrinker", a track with a sound much more common to the SSOS tool-belt. This was recorded along with the tracks from the split with Children of God, although at times has much more strained vocals and sounds slightly different to the tracks of that era.

Unlike most 7"s, this one is only one-sided and is parallel grooved, meaning each track runs in a parallel spiral to one another. It's a neat trick, but does mean it is a guessing game when it comes to play a track.

Overall 100 copies of this were pressed, which are now all sold out. On the front of the sleeve is a stamp noting this is the first edition, perhaps there will be more to come eventually?
Along with all this were a few of the standard Vedavu cards and some other LUXURY items. It is a great package, thanks once again Vedavu.

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