Saturday, 8 February 2014

Integrity - Black Heksen Rise 7"

Black Heksen rises again!
Back in 2011 Integrity released an incredibly anticipated split 7" with Rot in Hell. There were a few delays in the production of the final product, but when it was finally released and sent out to the eager pre-orderers it did not disappoint. In fact, the Integrity tracks were so epic that they have been made into their own release, Black Heksen Rise.

This release features two of the tracks from the original split, "VVaiting For the Sun to Burn Out my Eyes" and "Black Heksen Rise" which even after almost three years still sends chills down my spine.
Norway label, Indie Recordings, were the first to release this 7", and in rather limited quantities. From memory only 500 copies were pressed in total, consisting of grey, black and white variants. At the time of the initial release I didn't quite have the funds to pick this one up, and when I did they had already sold out. I did want to get a copy of it, and was able to through Ebay. Little did I know that A389 would be re-releasing it only a matter of weeks later for less than what I paid for....
The sleeve features a four page insert with a sample of the artwork from the original split.
As usual Dwid has designed the layout himself, which features artwork from the original booklet on the front and back. Two invisible inked creatures are also lurking behind the artwork.
Since the split with RIH, monster worship has also conjured a Black Heksen toy, which looks truly vicious. They currently have a clear red version with a matching copy of the record, which I may just have to get...