Monday, 17 February 2014

Integrity - Grace of the Unholy Tape

Organized Crime Records have done a truly great job with re-releasing Integrity records. A lot of the early releases have seen a new version in the last few years, and the latest in the set in the Grace of the Unholy cassette.This was originally released all the way back in 1990 by Progression records, making it one of the earliest Integrity recordings there are. Every so often an original copy of the tape pops up on Ebay, but they always tend to sore way out of my price range. This re-issue was put together as a special item for the recent A389 anniversary bash, but due to high demand, wound it's way onto online sales.
OCR have stayed very true to the original packaging, or at least what I have managed to see of it. The only real difference I can see is down there on the back-side. The cassette itself has been jazzed up a bit, this time being released on clear red rather than the black of 1990. The two Progression record logos have also been replaced with Integrity skulls.
The cassette features two now classic Integrity recordings; March of the Damned and Darkness. Even though it is coming close to 25 years since these were released, they are incredible tracks. Dwid's voice is really quite different to how it is today, and the recordings may not be as crisp as they are on "Those Who Fear Tomorrow", but they are still awesome recordings. I'm sure they could still be released brand new today and would ruffle a few feathers.

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