Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Gehenna / California Love split 7"

I don't know why but I've put off writing about this record for a while, but here goes. As I mentioned in the Hope Guzzo Bootleg post, as part of a deal with that record came a special version of the Gehenna / California Love split. This version contains the red cover and red vinyl, and is limited to just 300 copies ever. Musically, this is just what you'd expect from a split with the Infamous Gehenna; its full of the raw hatred that makes any Gehenna record gold. Even the California Love side is good, which is always a bonus on a split where you know nothing of the secondary band.
So yeah, this thing is red as. Of course that is good, I don't think colour matching can every be a bad thing. But for some reason it seems like the wrong colour choice for me. I don't know what it is, it's just not the colour I'm thinking about when I play these tracks. Who knows, maybe I'm crazy, it wouldn't surprise me.

Somewhat strangely, the artwork actually looks a lot clearer in the photos I've taken than in real life. Up close they are quite low resolution, so I guess this is hwy they are easier to see far away. One thing I do really like is the California Love logo, it looks as if it's written in barbed wire.
Inside the cover are the lyrics to both of the songs, with negative pictures of the artvvork. For some reason the band logos have been printed in reverse. There must be a reason why, but I don't quite see the significance of it. Down the bottom of the Gehenna side is the usual dedication to "the members of our royal bloodline". However, this release actually features some names this time; "Beau Shaver Louis Christopher Roger Colestock". I'm not sure if that is the names of three people or six, but either way i have no idea who they are...


  1. Beau Shaver was a legendary skater that passed away a few years ago. I want to say he was an OG member of Shake Junt.

    1. Okay thanks a lot, that clears things up a bit