Monday, 12 March 2012

Ancient VVisdom - A Godlike Inferno 12"

It seems that Ancient VVisdom is quite popular at the moment; my earlier post about the CD version of this album is my most viewed post yet. In that post I mentioned that the album was already released on vinyl, albeit in very low quantity. I did fail to mention that that was the test press version, and that was why only 30 were in circulation. Pretty recently Magic Bullet (The record store, not the blender thing) released the proper press on their website. They have certainly revamped the packaging from the CD version, which does it a lot more justice.
Four different colours were produced for this record, with only 500 being pressed in total. Logic would dictate that any one colour is then out of 125, but it wouldn't surprise me if that weren't the case. The four colours have quite interesting name; midnight 'gray', purple reality, THC and wasteland. All did look pretty good, but I decided to go for midnight gray. I'd have loved to get one of every colour, but that was way out of my music budget.
The photo makes the dust sleeve look the same colour as the record, which would have really been a fantastic touch. It is actually just a black one, but that works better than white on this one. 
As a great bonus, a double sided lyrics sheet was included inside the jacket. I've ended up singing these songs to myself pretty frequently since I got the CD, so I knew most of the words. It still adds to the completeness of the package well though.
There was no bonus T-shirt or anything included this time around. Not that that matters though, they really have put a solid effort into the packaging for the vinyl release of this one. Now all Ancient VVisdom needs to do is out out some more material and we'll all be happy.

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