Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bouncing Souls - The Complete Control Sessions 10"

I've been a big Bouncing Souls fan for years now. In fact this band is one of the things me and my special lady first bonded over many years ago, so they're pretty special to me. Much to my disappointment, I felt the new material released on their 20th anniversary year was a bit weak. The flame that burned so brightly in their first few albums seemed to be running a bit dim these days. I guess 20 years of being together puts stress on even the best of bands.

Anyway, as I was browsing through my not-so-local Real Groovy store, I stumbled upon this 10" . To be honest I didn't even know it existed until then, but I decided it was worth giving it a shot. The sticker price was far from expensive, but thanks to their loyalty club I only had to part with a measly $5! 

On getting it home I found out this is a sort of live compilation album intended to be part of a series of different band's live material.
I had no clue about any pressing info at the time, and ended up with the plain black version. This is the most common version, after a black with gold splatter and gold with black splatter. They would have looked really flash, but this'll do me. Although it is the most common, it is still limited to just 1000 copies.
I do really like this live album, but there are two flaws. You can see both from the back cover, although they may not be overly obvious. If you look at the track listings, you can see that there are only six songs. That is clearly not enough, and i know they could have added at least a couple more from the large gap left before the centre label.
 If you take a closer look at the individual songs, you can see the second flaw. That's right, it contains a song called Hybrid Moments. You should know that that is originally a Mifits song, and yes this is a cover version. But this is not a regular cover, this is probably just about the worst cover ever. It is slow, boring and just plain awful. I know they would have been able to match the intensity of the original, so I can't see why they had to do it like this.

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