Monday, 11 November 2013

Doomriders - Grand Blood 12"

Here we have the brand new album by Doomriders. I first got into them through a Deathwish sampler a few years back, I'm pretty sure with the track "Come Alive". It has now been four years since that monumental album, and they really have outdone themselves with Grand Blood.
I picked this up straight from the Deathwish store. They are probably about one of three bands on the deathwish label that I'm into these days. There was a time when I was overly keen on a lot of stuff they were releasing, but I almost feel that disappeared and transferred onto the far superior A389 records.
The packaging on this release is pretty cool, although there is one thing that grates me a little. It is a 12" gatefold, that opens from the top of the picture. That may be of no consequence to most people, but it means that in order for the spine to be correctly facing outwards on my shelf, the picture has to be sitting perpendicular. I suppose it's only a minor annoyance really.
Inside the gatefold is something I'm seeing a bit more of, a dual purpose insert and record sleeve. It is quite a nice touch really, giving a lot more interest to the regular monochromatic sleeves.
Several versions of the vinyl were cut, including "River of Blood", "Bone and Blood" and "Opaque Purple". These were released as 300, 700 and 4000 copies respectively. It is pretty obvious which one I chose, but this time I decided for which colour I wanted the most, rather than the rarest. I'm pretty happy about the choice, especially since I am lacking in purple vinyl..

Sadly I haven't been able to find a stream via bandcamp/soundcloud. I guess if you really want to hear it (you do), then you will have to hit the Deathwish Estore and get your own copy.

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