Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Broken Cross - Secret Destruction Tape

This tape counts as the second release of the latest EP by Broken Cross, Secret Destruction. Originally released as a superb 7", the latest work from the one-man metal hardcore unit has been reborn as a cassette. Instead of a self-release, this has been released by the recently prolific Bezerker records. These guys have been putting out a lot of great cassettes lately, and I'm glad to see Broken Cross join the mix.
Of course the packaging has been toned down a bit from the 7", it is always harder to add quite the same flare. The same faded image of a city has been used for the artwork, and has also been somewhat extended to the tape itself. 
Perhaps what is most exciting about this release is an exclusive track, a cover of GISM's, "Death, Agonies and Screams". It was enough for me pick up this second version of the release and it was definitely worth it, the cover is awesome. Unfortunately, the track is not yet available online anywhere, so for all those dying to hear it you will have to head over to the Bezerker webstore and pick up your own copy.
Broken Cross has put the rest of the EP online for free streaming, so that should at least tide you over.

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