Sunday, 2 March 2014

Broken Cross - Secret Destruction 7"

Broken Cross is a band that has kept my interest ever since their first demo tape back in 2012. They have since seen another 7", a feature on the "Thee Compilation" LP and a track on a Cvltnation mixtape. All releases have been great, and now a brand new 7" has been unleashed, "Secret Destruction".
Four brand new tracks have been released on this EP, reaching just over 13 minutes. They follow on very well from earlier releases, keeping to the same lo-fi metal punk sound that is now very distinctly Broken Cross. The vocals are just as distorted as before, and there are the same blistering solos throughout the whole thing. However, the third track, "Assassin's Anthem", does take a slightly different approach to the work I have heard before. The tempo is quite a bit slower, with drums that are almost hypnotic.
The previous 7" was released on Holy Terror records, where I felt it fit in perfectly. This one however is a self-release on the Apocalyptic Visions label, the same as the original demo tape. This may be the second release under the label, but the packaging is top-notch. The whole thing comes in a great glossy outer sleeve with artwork by Dwid Hellion. Of course I felt it necessary to pick up one of the more limited versions, which comes with some cool bonus parts too.
This version is just out of 33 copies, and comes on the limited blue vinyl. It's a bit different to the blue that I normally see on transparent records, more of a royal blue, that has turned out looking great. This version also has the luxury of a stamped inner sleeve, with mine being copy number 9, a Broken Cross sticker and button. Overall it is a great record and package, and I'm glad to see this one man band continuing to put out music.

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