Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Bellicose Minds - The Buzz or Howl Sessions 10"

One of the great things about A389 records is the diversity of releases they put out. Most of the time the records are more hardcore/metal oriented, but on the odd occasion they release a gem that is something a bit different. One of those gems is The Bellicose Minds, who have much more of an 80's post-punk vibe.
 This record is technically a re-release, as the tracks were on the band's original self-released cassette back in 2010. A couple of songs were also re-recorded for "The Spine". It is hard to say which versions I prefer, but I think I'm leaning ever so slightly towards these earlier recordings. My definite favourite on the 10" is "Hammer of Ice" which has some deliciously dark lyrics and is still catchy as hell.

A389 produced this record in two colour variants, clear and black. I'm going to assume the clear is the more limited, but I have no idea of the pressing information. Based on that assumption I opted for the clear and it looks great. Sometimes a bit of colour gets smeared in from the other variants, but this thing is as clear as can be.

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