Sunday, 21 September 2014

VVegas - Sagevisule 7"

Things had been relatively quite on the VVegas front for a wee while. Since their 2012 split release with Abraxis, there had been little rumours of new material being released but nothing seemed to really happen. Of course that changed earlier this year they released the RSD split with Integrity, and now they are back again with Sagevisule. This actually marks VVegas' first solo 7" release since the band's inception, as all other 7"s have been part of splits or compilations.
From what I was able to gather, they had a bit of trouble actually getting this record released. It was originally planned to be released by some small label months ago, but nothing seemed to eventuate. I then saw they were looking out for a label to release it, which finally got picked up by Last Anthem records a wee while ago. I don't know too much about this label, but they've done a fine job with this release.
Three versions were pressed all together; a lavender and red split, a pink and yellow, and a lavender and black. Mine is obviously the last of those three, with an interesting effect in the middle of the colours. 300 copies were pressed in total, which I'm assuming this means that mine is /100. As far as I'm aware, VVegas still have copies of the band version for sale (pink and yellow), which does look pretty cool.
The 7" contains four brand new tracks. Between listening to this and "Never", it is clear to see what a shift in style the band has made. This is especially evident with "All my Dreams are Lies", which is very much in vain of the tracks they have released over the last few years. The guitars are incredibly harsh, and the vocals sound distorted in a way that make them seem they are coming from a source very far away. For me, the highlight is "You Are Not Who You Think You Are". This is a considerably slower track than the last one, but is still incredibly heavy and is able to send shivers down my spine. The last track, "Irrealis" is not too dissimilar from a RNF track, with whispered vocals and (at least at first) a haunted acoustic guitar.
The reason I opted for the lavender and black version, was because it was part of a special package. Along with the standard record, Last Anthem also threw in a patch, a VVegas sticker and a new VVegas T-Shirt that has the same design as the record.
VVegas are streaming the whole thing via their bandcamp page, enjoy!


  1. I can feel and hear the same things you write about this! Keep up the good work... And don't be discouraged by all the people not answering or reacting...

    Don't really understand the artwork though. A German soldier on a Zeppelin? Is it a reference to the time the Nazis wanted to bomb Ghent or Antwerp with a Zeppelin? Or is it just a fantasy thing?

    1. Thanks Mate.
      Yeah I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure that is meant to be Kaiser Willhelm, but am not sure of the significance

    2. The well endowed Kaiser VVilhelm
      featured on the center label
      was from Thee greaT vvar, VVVVI
      (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918)
      . . . noT a "nazi"

      differenT vvar/differenT Time in hisTory

      These elusive "nazis" ThaT you speak of vvere from VVVV2
      (1 September 1939 – 2 September 1945)

      Thorsten VVilhelm & VVegaϟ are noT coming sTr8 ouTTa GhenT nor hollain' from da hoodz of AnTvverp . . .

      VVegaϟ hails from The DeuTschland dovvn under, maTe!
      ϟydNEE-fee, AuϟTralia!

    3. who stole the Kaisers knife from his helmet?