Monday, 1 September 2014

Burzum - Umskiptar 12"

I recently discovered a new local(ish) record store, and decided to have a look around when I was in the area. They stocked quite a variety of genres, but what grabbed my attention was the Burzum section. Now, I am by far the biggest and most dedicated Burzum fan out there, but I had heard bits of this album and decided to give it a go. I must say I am glad that I did, and although it may not be the most popular Burzum record out there, I definitely like it. 
For those not in the know, Burzum is the one-man brain child of Norwegian Varg Virkenes. There is plenty of infamy surrounding Burzum and a quick search will show what I mean, although I am not here to discuss such matters.
This album marks the 9th major release from the band since it's first recording back in 1992. I haven't heard a lot of earlier stuff, but from the snippets I have heard, this seems quite a change in direction. The lyrics are all taken from a classic Norse poem,  Völuspá, and the entire album has an incredible sense of atmosphere. It has been criticised for being a bit slow at times, and I can see what they mean. Although saying that, when you are in the right frame of mind, the minimalist sounds of "Gulladr" are just what you need.
This release was handled by several different labels across the globe; Byelobog Productions in Norway, Banc in Black in the UK as well as Candelight Records in the US. As such there are a few different versions out there; a grey, a bronze and a test press with with labels. I'd like to think the bronze matches the trimmings on the cover and colour of the font which would look nothing short of amazing. My version is the more standard black vinyl, which still looks quite impressive when both LPs are freed from their black dust jackets.

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