Saturday, 22 March 2014

Integrity - Beyond the Realm of the VVitch 7"

I've managed to stay away from an Integrity post for a few weeks now, but thought it time to unleash their latest 7" - 7th Revelation: Beyond the Realm of the VVitch. This was released by A389 records a little while ago, and it shows the band is really just as strong as ever, and in more ways than one.
As part of the recent A389 anniversary bash, the classic Systems Overload era band members reunited for a special show. To commemorate the occasion, they recorded this one track 7", which serves as the first recording from this line-up in almost 20 years! The different line up certainly shows too, the track is quite a bit different to Integrity of late. Some of the rawness that +Orr has brought to the table recently has gone, and has been replaced with some incredibly heavy guitars. The classic A2 solo is a great addition too.
Once again I really like the packaging this record came along with. The artwork has an obvious witch silhouette with just a little something interesting towards the bottom right corner. The now standard Integrity UV ink hides the band logo, Integrity skull and two four fingered hand prints. On the back the ink has been used to an even greater extent, and in the light the lyrics reveal themselves.
As seems to be the norm these days, several versions have already been released. In my opinion, the best was released alongside a special re-release of Systems Overload as part of a special Xmas deal. That version was glow in the dark, with the same pattern seen on the centre label in the first photo. Sadly I haven't got that version, but I have the next best thing - the pre-order version of the standalone 7". This is on blue vinyl, and comes with an etched Integrity skull on the B-side. Besides this there is also a pink/blue, a yellow and an orange that I've seen out there.

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