Friday, 2 August 2013

Rot in Hell / Hordes split 2.0

About 18 months ago I posted about a fantastic split between Rot in Hell and Hordes. To this day it is still some of my favourite material from RIH and still gets regular rotation. I remember complaining about only getting a plain black version when a black and red copy was just as obtainable. Well, quite recently I stumbled across the opportunity to rectify that mistake with my very own black and red copy.
This also came with the original insert inside. I had somewhat forgotten about RIH's content on the lyric sheet for their cover of Integrity's classic "Kingdom Of Heaven".

Apart from the vinyl colour difference this version is exactly the same to the regular version. Did it then justify acquiring a second copy of? Of course it did, this baby is limited to just 100 copies and definitely looks way nicer than plain black. Plus the Phookas can sit and look at each other now.

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