Sunday, 30 March 2014

Unit Togo - Demo Tape

Unit Togo was the biological division of the Japanese army in World War II. Their activities included vivisection, food and water deprivation, germ warfare studies as well as burying people alive. Overall pretty horrific stuff, but it does also show the kind of no-nonsense that this new band is about. 
Consisting of members from quite an eclectic group of bands (Heksed, Martyr's Tongue and Malware), Unit Togo have recently released a fantastic demo comprising of three tracks that show off the band's diverse skill set. The demo starts out with "Nuclear Cleansing", a harsh electronic track filled with distant noise samples, drones and white noise. This then leads into the ripping track, "ABC Warfare". This is a blistering metal punk track filled with amazing riffs, solos and incredibly harsh vocals. This stops very abruptly to lead into "Rivers of Blood", a very ominous electronic track with the same twisted vocals.
The tape release has been handled by Bezerker records, a label I am fairly new too but so far am impressed with. They also handled the release of the limited Integrity tape, which I will post about before too long. The tape comes with some killer artwork that pretty much epitomises the three tracks perfectly. I did also receive a copy of Relentless Aproach's Two Birds and a Stone, a great bonus when you have only ordered one item. The tape is limited to just 50 copies.
I think the tape is still available, so do yourself a favour and get a copy before it is too late. If you really just want to hear the tracks, the band has also put them online for free download.

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