Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Love Below Tape / Midnight Mass Preview

The Love Below are a band I'm really beginning to appreciate.I've had their 1st EP digitally for a while now, but for whatever reason never really got around to listening to it. All that changed when I heard tracks from their latest 12" "Every Tongue Shall Caress". Those tracks blew me away, and I started listening to "Reproductive Rights" more and more. Of course I'm really into those songs now, and should actually get around to buying the 7". Anyway, the band has put out a tape like this before. It contained all the tracks from the aforementioned EP, from the split with homewrecker, as well as a few others. That was limited to 35, and at the time I wasn't overly interested. Very recently however, they did a second version of the tape. It has the same tracks as the 1st version, although the layout is slightly different and is limited to only 24! With my new found interest in the band I snapped it up as soon as I could.
The physical tape isn't all that exciting really. All we have is a plain black tape with the bad's logo printed on the side. It's double sided which makes listening to it repeatedly so much easier.
I did try to include a copy of the side of the cover, it mentions where the songs are from and that it is limited to just 24. It came out really quite fuzzy and I couldn't be bothered taking another one. You can still see the reverse of the cover though. We have a picture of two hands holding swords in amongst a snake. The detail on the snake is really great, the tongue splits into two wee heads.
What was even more exciting was the sheer amount of stuff the guys through in. The first was this insert inside the tape giving the track listings, as well as what records they are off.
When you turn it over, you are greeted by this familiarly scary face.
Inside the packaging was more paper than I've got along with any music.They'd sent me 6 fliers from various recent shows, as well as a small picture of three girls. Things like these are always great to keep inside my box of music related stuff.
There was also some A389 related stuff in there too. The first ( and second I suppose) are these two stickers featuring the new A389 branding.Having two is really great, it means I'll actually use one of these on something.
And most exciting is this copy of Midnight Mass.This is Dom's first attempt at a publication, and it is really great. I don't have time to review this entirely yet, but I thought I'd make some suspense by promising to write about it properly very soon. Below is a sneak preview of the front cover to tide you over.

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