Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Compilation For Atonement 7"

We've come to the second item located from the VVegas vvault. It has just occurred to me that like the fantastic 7.17 compilation I mentioned a while ago, this is also a 4 band compilation 7". Perhaps I should have got something other than compilations from the vvault. 

I'll just start by saying how much I love this compilation. I've had it on mere mp3 (somehow) for a while now, and was eager to own a vinyl copy. As you can see below, the compilation consists of Integrity, State of Conviction and Psywarfare, who you are probably familiar with. It does however feature one of the very few releases by Rapewhistle. From memory they only ever featured on two other compilation CDs and consisted of Dwid, the Melnick brothers and Chris Dora. It's a shame this band didn't continue really. They were more on the experimental side of hardcore, but definitely showed some great promise.
I've seen at least three versions of this out there; a grey, a green and a hybrid of the two. Mine is the grey version, which does tie in nicely with the rather bleak album artwork. This version is out of 1000, while the green is only out of 100. To be honest, I'm not even sure if the hybrid is really a variant, although I suppose that does make it more unique.
Obviously the above centre label on this side simply has the band names listed aptly on "This side" and "That Side". On the reverse side is the logo of the "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms". When I saw this i had no idea what it was about, but after some wiki-ing it turns out this is a federal department of the US department of justice. Interesting...
The sleeve folds out into a multi page book. Each band has a page each, except for Psywarfare. I suppose it's fair enough, two songs should deserve two pages really.
I've actually mentioned this record once before. I was specifically talking about the Integrity track (of course right?), as it is called "All is Lost" on this compilation. The song does appear again later on "Seasons In The Size of Days", although it is called "ATF assault". It's rather strange the name was changed to this, as ATF assault was already the name of the track appearing on the split with the kids of Widney High 7". Perhaps it something to do with the alleged stealing of Integrity's recording of the original ATF assault on the split with Hatebreed ("BATF would be proud" on that split).

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