Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath III 7"

A while ago I realised I had said I'd set out to get all the Pulling Teeth Witches Sabbath series. It doesn't seem that long, but that was four months ago and I hadn't made much more of an effort since then. Well I decided to change that and hit up Discogs for another of the series. Much to my luck, number III was up for sale for quite a low price. 
There really isn't a lot to say about this record. Much like the rest, it's a single track reverse grooved onto a one-sided 7" record. Also like the others it is limited to 300 copies, but this was sold during the band's 2008 European tour. This time around the band cover "Alan's on Fire" by Poison Idea. As per usual it's a great wee cover, but would you really expect otherwise from a band of this calibre?
One thing of interest is this is the only one I have so far to have a small record hole, instead of the annoying large hole that requires an adapter.
So that is half way there now, although this is probably the easier half really. I did also pick up number V which I shall post about soon.

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