Sunday, 10 February 2013

Integrity - In Contrast of Sin 7" again (and again (and again))

Most people who have looked at my site are probably also familiar with the superior site; Records With History and Future. I've been a fan of the site for a while now, and it was part of what got me started with this whole blogging thang. Anyway, recently I received an email from Willem from RWHAF saying he'd seen my post about Integrity's ICOS. He also kindly asked if I'd be interested in acquiring a few more of the versions of this infamous record. His offer was really quite generous too, so I couldn't really resist.
In total I now have another three versions to add to my record collection. The first is the clear blue version belonging to the first pressing of the OCR re-press, limited to 1,035 (so not really limited). This isn't all that different to the first one I got, so I won't go into detail about it.
The second belongs to the same 1st press as above, but this is a bit more special.  Although inside it remains the same as the other OCR versions, this comes with an awesome additional cover, designed by Stephen Kasner. It appears to be a re-design of the witch from the original artwork.
This version is clear with black swirls, limited to 320 copies (although it seems to say 300 here). Mine is towards the end of the pack, being number 278.
Lastly is a copy of the first repress (it's a bit confusing I know). Of course the initial record came out on Victory records, but this version was released by Dwid's own Dark Empire records all the way back in 1993. The artwork is completely different to the other versions, and is probably my favourite version of the four I have. The back of the cover has some cool band photos in action too.
And here are all my versions next to each other. It's ridiculously far from being complete, there seems to be hundreds of versions lurking out there. I even saw a copy of an extremely limited early version with an interesting cover sell for something like $800 the other week! But thanks Willem for this generous offer.

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  1. It became a cool post and some nice additions to your ICOS collection. Thanks for the word on my blog...