Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ilsa - The Maggots Are Hungry 12"

After hearing their latest LP, "Intoxications", I've been hooked on Ilsa. They've been my new favourite band so I felt I should really try and get some more of the releases. Lucky for me the latest A389 bash saw the re-release of "The Maggots are Hungry" on 12" vinyl, Ilsa's first self-released CD-R. Originally released back in 2009, this album contains 7 tracks just surpassing the 30 minute mark. It may not be quite the masterpiece that Intoxications was, but is still a really great album. The vocals are incredibly vicious and all the elements that made the latest album so great shine through. Have a listen to the whole thing down below.
At the A389 bash this was the (or perhaps one of the) limited item up for sale. I'm not sure how many were for sale, but that version was on clear vinyl. I've just had a look and there are a few copies of this left over up for sale in the store now. My copy however is part of the mailorder version. 75 of these were produced on white vinyl, although mine is clearly more than just white. There is some sort of beige colour mixed into the vinyl in a ring, and there are even a few black patches whisked in there too. I'd be interested to see if any others have ended up like this.
Also included is a nice simple lyrics sheet with a picture of a cat/bat on the bottom. The back of the cover has the track listings in a shape of the outline of a coffin.

I also couldn't resist picking up a copy of Ilsa's next album, which was available through A389's distro section. I'll post about that one soon...

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