Sunday, 3 March 2013

Gehenna - Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris 12" Repress

A389 has recently released a re-pressed version of Gehenna's classic first LP; Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris. I have already posted about an original copy here, but I thought I'd take the time to run through the differences between the two versions, there are actually quite a few.
First and foremost, the artwork. The album was originally released as a CD in 2000. When this was released as on vinyl however, the artwork was pretty much dropped in favour of a plain black cover with a raised Gehenna logo on the top. Thankfully this repress has gone back to the original artwork, which is far superior in my opinion.
The next important difference pertains to the entire sleeve. Whereas the original pressing was in a pretty standard sleeve, the new version has a somewhat more deluxe gatefold sleeve. 
The rear cover has got the least modification across the entire package. The same skull picture remains, the track listings have moved from the left to the bottom and have acquired the now standard gehenna font.
However, if you pay close attention you may spot one big difference on this side though. The original press ends with a GG Allin cover; "Bite it You Scum". This time however, the record ends with DRI's "Yes Ma'am", from the flexi they released a while ago. 
The actual record has received some upgrades this time as well. The first pressing was really quite simple, plain black vinyl with plain labels. Thanks to A389 this now comes in three colour variants; red, black and white (which came with something else special...). The centre labels are now fully equipped with the new A389 logo on one side and the skull from the rear cover on the other.
There is also a rather large difference with what comes inside the sleeve. Originally there was an insert with the original artwork. On the back this had the lyrics and usual words yo expect to see on a gehenna record. The repress has managed to top this once again with a nice 18" x 18" poster of the artwork.

As an extra extra bonus, I also received a copy of the latest Midnight Mass (#2). While technically not specifically included with this record, it does contain an interview with Gehenna so I'm gonna go ahead and talk about it anyway.
It may not be anywhere near as professional looking as the initial issue, but it is still a great little zine with some cool interviews. Evan from Total War conducted an especially interesting interview with Gehenna that finally sheds some light on the mysterious Fog Spectre! I've been trying to find some information about this band for ages as well so it's great to finally have some (if only a little).
What also didn't happen 13 years ago with the original version, was the complete album being available to stream for free. Some things have changed a lot since then, and hopefully we'll see more record labels following the example lead by the almighty A389.

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