Monday, 25 March 2013

Broken Cross - Anti Human Life 7"

This record has skipped ahead of the list a bit, but I'm a big fan of Broken Cross and couldn't really wait to share their latest creation. Since their (or should I say his?) self-released tape last year I have been keen to get my hands on some more of Broken Cross' take on musical mayhem. The impressive compilation from Classified Resistance had one new track, as did the Oede Cvlt Nation compilation, which were able to satisfy my cravings for a while but it wasn't really enough. Luckily, Broken Cross are the latest child of the HT label and this record sees two brand new songs, as well as some now classic ones.
Not including the test-press version, there are currently three variants of this record. There is a clear, red and green version, with mine obviously being the green. Although I'd say this is more of a teal than green, but it is still a pretty cool looking colour. Each of the versions are limited to 100 copies, with only 66 being available. I'm not entirely sure what that means, and where the other 33 have gone, but it is what it is. Quite a few are still available at the HT store if you want to check it out. I must admit I'm not a fan of the new store layout, but somehow they manage to get the records to you ridiculously fast which is fantastic.
Inside the cover there is a lyrics sheet which is definitely pretty useful for this release. Although utterly perfect for the songs, the vocals are heavily distorted and difficult to decipher. I did already have the lyrics to the first three songs thanks to the previous tape, but with the addition of the two new songs an update was definitely needed. The new songs follow the same dark lyrical theme summed up by the record's title.
If you haven't checked out Broken Cross yet, I'd highly recommend it. They are really something different, which is always good to come across in the world of hardcore/metal.

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