Monday, 1 April 2013

Gehenna - Self Titled 7"

As promised, here is the bonus 7" that came along with the magnificent repress of Gehenna's debut album. Simply entitled "Gehenna", the whole thing is pretty simple but of course was definitely worth picking up.
The record is clear red with black swirls, although mine really has a minimum of black in there. On the one side is same skull we've seen before, which links this nicely to the album.
This was pressed in a limited quantity of 300, along with the white version of the 12". I guess that means the white version of that album is also limited to 300 copies, but perhaps there are some versions of that intended for sale without this nice bonus. Mine is right towards the end of the 300 copies, #294. Whether this means I was comparatively late in ordering I'm not sure. I'd have hated to be a tad later and miss out entirely.
Three tracks are included on this record, two of which are from a compilation called "Definitely Not the Majors", with the other being an unreleased versions of a track we've seen before. Why I haven't heard these versions until now astonishes me, they are ridiculously awesome. "Covet" has never sounded as brutal as it has on this record, it seems to just want to desperately explode out of my speakers and destroy everything it resonates against. It also features a different version of the GG cover "Bite It". I think I mentioned this was replaced on the 12" repress by DRI's "Yes Ma'am", but I suppose you could say it is still really part of the record. This is a bit slower than the one on the original record, and such is about 30 seconds longer. Of course it's still a great cover though.
I was skeptical about this release being available to stream online, what with the limited copies and all. But no, the whole 7" is available to listen to via A389's bandcamp (and just below)! You don't have the option to buy digital downloads sadly, but that is really up to the band to decide anyway. ENJOY.

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