Friday, 8 March 2013

Anne / Whirr Split - 2x 7"

After about 5 or 6 months it is finally here; my copy of the Whirr/Anne split! I think it was September that preorders for this officially went live, and it was expected to be shipped not far after that. But after several delays and manufacturing errors it has finally seen the light of day, and it was worth the wait.
This split is a double 7", with both Whirr and Anne playing two new songs. Anne provide "Pet Names" and "Occasional Lovers", which are both excellent tracks. I got a digital download of the tracks soon after I pre-ordered, so have had a chance to listen and appreciate them for a while. They are in similar vain to the previously released Power Exchange EP, which took the band in a slightly different direction to their first LP.
Whirr also play two great tracks, "Twist" and "Between Asleep and Awake". These two songs were really my first introduction to the band, and have since inspired me to pick up their Distressor LP which I posted about here. The entire split is streaming via Run for Cover's bandcamp page, check it out below.
The 2 7"s are housed inside a 7" gatefold sleeve, which features some tree artwork. The records themselves are really quite visually impressive, they are both black/white. I think it may have been intended for the sides to be monochromatic, but it seems the colours have merged a bit on either side. On one side is the predominantly white side, which is the same for both the Anne and Whirr records. The Whirr record then has a reverse side that is mostly black.
The Anne record has a wonderful extra feature on the reverse, the lyrics to the tracks etched in! This was actually the reason for the delay, apparently the pressing plant used an incorrect copy of the lyrics and produced a low-resolution copy on the record. Of course this wouldn't do, so they had to be pressed again. It looks really cool, and was definitely worth the long wait.
While purchasing this I also picked up a copy of Anne's mixtape vol. II. That should see a post of it's own soon.

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