Thursday, 14 March 2013

Limb - Gift Of The Sun 7"

Limb are back! After discovering these guys on Witch Hunter Records I've been craving more from the band, and luckily I didn't have to wait long at all. Thanks to New Heavy Sounds, Limb have released a brand spanking new 7" EP entitled "Gift Of The Sun". This contains three (well, technically four) tracks of Limb's Rock 'n' Roll infused take on heavy music, one of which is a great new version of "Dead Voice" from their S/T CD.
I say there are technically four tracks on this release, because the record comes along with a digital download containing a bonus track, "Into the Slave Nebula". Why this isn't on the record I don't know. Maybe there wasn't enough space to fit all four tracks on? Or maybe one little vinyl disc cannot hold the sheer awesomeness of four whole Limb tracks? I'll probably never know...
The outer sleeve has a sticker on the front, which gives the sleeve a bit of extra uniqueness. This time around there is no sleeve for the record, but instead has been cleverly combined into a large fold-out poster of the artwork. 
The inner sleeve also has some character in this release. Instead of the usual white (or occasionally black) we see all the time, there is a bright orange New Heavy Sounds themed sleeve. Again, adding a bit of personality to the regular parts of a record package is a really great wee touch.
The colour of the sleeve was quite possibly chosen to match the colour of the record, a vibrant orange. This is the only version that I know of, and is limited to 250 copies. The centre labels contain the band logo on one side, and a piece from the poster artwork on the back.

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