Thursday, 22 December 2011

Anne Dream Punx 12"

 I first heard Anne on the 2011 A389 records sampler. The song instantly grabbed my attention, as it was so different to anything else released by the label. Instead of the usual metallic punk/hardcore, this sounded much softer, almost dream-like.

After some internet searching I came across their website and found they had already released two demos that were up for download, which sounded great. After patiently waiting, Dom at A389 announced he was going to release a full length LP from Anne on November 28. Naturally, I saved the date in my memory and snapped up this goodie as soon as it was released.
This bad boy is printed on purple/white vinyl. I think it looks amazing, and really fits well with the cover picture.
You can order this from Anne directly on their bigcartel, or from A389 where you can also just get the digital download, if that is more your thing.

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