Thursday, 29 December 2011

Integrity - Detonate VVorld's Plague 12"

I've decided to break the chronological order of my Integrity records here, seeing as I already had the photo of this ready to use. This is the latest Integrity release, Detonate VVorld's Plague . This release contains all new Integrity tracks, except for +ORRchida which saw debut on the 7.17 compilation (which is one of their best songs to date). 
There were a couple of versions released for this record, which were available from a few places. The version I have was distributed by Hellfish family
As you can undoubtedly see this is the yellow version of the record, and is out of 100. The photo above makes the colour look quite a light yellow, but the one below shows a better representation of the true colour, and it also shows there are a few blackish colours swirled in there as well.
In the photo below I've included a picture of the lyrics sheet. This features the same artwork as seen on the cover of the CD "Theem DestroyORR" on the front, with the lyrics on the reverse side. 
This version came as part of a package deal with a sweet t-shirt. 
To me it seems the shirt would have better suited to be part of a package with the CD "Thee DestroyORR", as it contains the artwork on the back, and the name on the front underneath the Integrity skull. But what do I know right?
If I had to find one fault with this record, it would have to be the noise track "VVe Have Helped Others Escape". To be honest, I really just don't "get" the point of noise tracks. It doesn't bother me too much though, every other song on this record is purely amazing.
All of these songs are available on the Cd I mentioned earlier, and it is still cheap as to buy. So what excuse do you have to not own a copy of this?
UPDATE: And this is now fully available for download on the HT vvebsite.

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