Thursday, 22 December 2011

Integrity - Systems Overload 12"

Seeing as "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" was my first Integrity post, I think it is only fitting that this be my second.
Systems Overload is the second LP from Integrity. In my opinion it is a wee bit better than the first LP. It seems rawer, heavier and is ridiculously fast.
I won this puppy on Ebay a while ago for a fair price. The bottom left corner is a  tad worn, but its not in bad nick seeing as its from '95.
I wasn't lucky enough to get any special versions of this record, just plain 'ol black for me. I aint complaining though, I'm lucky enough to have any version of this record. And besides, there is something about black vinyl that just looks so damn sleek.
This also came with the original insert, which features a picture of a skeleton on the front, and the lyrics sheet on the back.
I wonder if OCR will be giving this the re-release treatment like they have with other Integrity releases. I'm sure that would be nothing short of amazing.

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