Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pulling Teeth - Lightning Strikes Twice Flexi

Before Pulling Teeth announced they were calling it quits, they went on a European tour with the mighty Seraphim. At said show, they were releasing  a limited edition flexi single. Sadly I probably couldn't be further away from Europe and was not able to go the show, nor receive my copy of the flexi. Luckily enough, not all was lost. The boys did not sell all the copies of the flexi during the tour, and had a small handful left over to be sold at A389. 

And here it is!

On this release, Pulling Teeth do a fine cover of Rorschach's Lightning Strikes Twice (which you may or may not have been able to tell from the clever artwork). Both of the versions (clear and black) were out of 125, so my decision on which to get was purely on which colour I would prefer. I opted for the clear, pretty much because I did not currently own a clear flexi. I got number 54/250, although its a bit difficult to see because a blank vivid was used on the black sleeve.

Upon playing this I knew it would be the last new Pulling Teeth material I ever heard, so was hoping for something spectacular. It didn't disappoint.


  1. hey could you rip this track into mp3?cheers

  2. Sorry, no can do. it's really not up to me to distribute other people's work

  3. Cop out excuse, how else do you think music was traded before the internet?

    It's not as though you can buy it, the band isn't losing money.

    Sorry to be so abrasive however what is it with you elitist record collectors/Deathwish kiddies that act all superior. I'd wager you weren't even interested in this music before hype came, as evidenced by your initial thoughts on Gehenna.

    1. How exactly is that a cop out excuse? I'm perfectly able to not want to copy music for someone whether it's via the internet or not, and not everything is about the money you know.

      Don't you think you calling people "Deathwish kiddies" and elitist record collectors makes it seem as if you are the one who feels they are superior?