Thursday, 22 December 2011

Kromosom - 8 Tracks 12"

Here we have the debut LP from Kromosom, a band across the Tasman. I get a bit sick of genres, but I guess this is best described as noise punk. Whatever you call it, its awesome as. Since hearing their demo tape (which I do have a copy of now) I was keen to track down their LP.

This is the first press, which apparently the band rushed to produce to be ready for their tour and so is not quite mixed as well as they wanted it to be. They have the newly mixed versions of their songs on their facebook page, it is worth checking them out.
The record contains most of the songs released on the demo tape. They have all been re-recorded due to line-up changes since the demo's release.

I really love the artwork of this record. Too bad I couldn't get the pink version of the vinyl, it would have matched the cover nicely.

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