Monday, 16 January 2012

Blind To Faith / Gehenna Split 7"

After hearing "The Seven Fat Years Are Over", I decided that I needed to hear more from Blind To Faith. That record was just so raw, and I craved more of the same. After a little googling I found that they had released a split 7" with Gehenna. At the time I still wasn't too fond on Gehenna, but bought this record regardless. I didn't know that copies were still available from certain online stores, so went onto Ebay to have a look. I was a bit disappointed later to find that I could have gotten a nicer version of the record brand new for not much more than I paid on Ebay, but what can you do?

The cover artwork has a lot going on and looks pretty fantastic. The most obvious is the gruesome looking character staring at you. There is also the Blind To Faith logo on there, and 7 crovvns at the top. No doubt this is due to Gehenna.
Inside the cover we have the lyrics to all of the songs on top of some more artwork. There is also some Japanese down the middle, which I have forgotten how to read. I'm quite interested to know what it actually says.
 The record is actually quite plain; it is on black vinyl with the stock A389 center labels on both sides. 


  1. How could you not like Gehenna? What a strange comment. I take it you like them now?

    1. Has there never been a band that you weren't sure of straight away?