Monday, 2 January 2012

Integrity - Humanity Is The Devil 10"

I'm sure that most would agree with me saying this is the best album released by Integrity. From the tracks to the artwork and ideology, this thing pretty much sums up everything about Integrity and Holy Terror. 
I acquired this gem from ebay a while ago, and it was in pretty good nick. The only fault was that the jacket was coming undone a wee bit, but that was easily fixed. I do try to avoid actually playing this record though, the centre hole is just a fraction too small for my turntable and is difficult to remove. I wouldn't wanna snap this beaut.

This is the front cover of the record. Just look at it, take some time to soak it in. If that doesn't count as amazing cover art, then I don't know what does. Pushead has really outdone himself with this one.
The vinyl is clear red, which although is not the rarest version or anything, is still the best in my eyes. 
Also included was the original inserts, the first of which is the lyrics sheet. This is pretty plain really, but I do always like when a lyrics sheet is included. 
Of more interest was this nice surprise:

I was stoked to find it came with this too. If you have the CD version of this album, there is an additional track not available to vinyl owners; Humanity Is The Devil. It is ~13 minutes long and consists of caustic noises and distorted vocals. Anyway, this little booklet contains the words to that track. From what I gather from reading it, it is the basic idea of the Holy Terror church. And that's all I'm gonna say about it.

Here is the cover one more time, just in case you missed it.
Oh, and you can download this all for free on the Holy Terror site!

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